Work Experience

Vicarious Visions Nov 2005 - Present
Vicarious Visions
Unannounced Project (PS3, Xbox360)
Lead Character Artist
Unannounced Project

Unannounced Project (Demo) (Xbox360)
Lead Character Artist
Concept art, Character Creation, Documentation, Art Direction and Pipelines

Band Hero(Wii)
Character Artist
Downressing and Cleanup of Models and Textures from 360 version, for Celebrities and Crowd.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2(PS3, Xbox360)
Environmental Sublead
Creating and placing assets for a variety of levels. Planning and scheduling for a team varying between 2 and 7 other artists. Creating and maintaing workflow documentation. Some Character Cleanup work.

Kung Fu Panda (DS)
Art Lead (till first playable milestone)
Created Concept art, pipelines, documentation and scheduling. Worked heavily with Design and Programming. Created most of the characters for the game. Did Art Direction for the rest of the team. Handed off project when asked to join MUA2

Spiderman3 (PS2, Wii, PSP)
Environmental Sub-Lead

Terminal Reality Feb 2005 –Nov 2005
Terminal Reality

SpyHunter3 Xbox)
Modeled 2 Characters

AEon Flux(Xbox, PS2)
Concepting, modeling, texturing of environmental pieces. Creation of all HUD elements and Menu art. Character Model

id Software April 2004 – Feb 2005
id Software
Doom3 Resurrection of Evil
Art Intern
Created Textures for Enemies, NPC and Multiplayer Skins (color,spec)

Art Intern
Used ingame tools, Lightwave and Photoshop to create renders, screenshots for marketing materials and Loading Screens. Created the cover to the Making of Doom3 book.Created Co-Op Player Head textures (color,spec)

Ritual Entertainment Dec 2003 – April 2004
Cancelled Projects
Art Intern
Concept art for characters, weapons, environments, and creatures. Created storyboards, and Model sheet for character; Used 2d materials, Photoshop, painter. Project was cancelled

Wizards of the Coast 2000-2003
Magic the Gathering CCG
Freelance Artist
Three Paintings- Acrylics and Oils

Harry Potter CCG
Freelance Artist
Thirty Paintings - Various Traditional Media. One card was used in TV ad, Magazine ad and on the Warner Bros. Website

Spiderwebart Gallery 1999-2003
Online Art Gallery
Graphic Designer
Website Design and Upkeep, Magazine ads, Book Designs, Poster Designs,Calendar Designs

Peck School 2003
Taught Computer Graphics (Photoshop)to Grade School Students for two semesters

Feller Studios 1997-1999
Art Lessons, Retail Art Supply Sales
Assisted teaching traditional art to Children and Adults


The Guildhall at SMU
Jun 2003 - Jan 2005 Art Creation
Shlo Moe’s Big Adventure [Term 1]
2d Side-Scrolling game using the Scrolling Game Development Kit
2d Sprite art. Animating characters, and background. Creation of Menu, Marketing and GUI artwork.
Only artist on project. Used Photoshop to create the tile art for the background. Created sprites and animations for main character, and 2 enemies Cazzeta Guerra [Term 2]
Team Lead, Artist
2 First person Quake 3 Mods
Concept, modeling, rigging, and texturing of a 3d Character and weapon Created level objects and textures. Created all Menu and Box artwork.
Was one of two artists responsible for all artwork in the game.

Dybbuk [Terms 3-4]
Artist, Art Lead
First-Person-Shooter total conversion of Sin (Quake 2 engine)
Was one of two artists responsible for all artwork. Created 5 characters and 2 monsters. This involved the creation of the model, rigging and animating them. Creating the textures, normal maps, height maps, specular maps, and emmisive maps needed. Also created level textures with normal maps. Created all Loading Screens, Menu and HUD elements, Box Art, and Manual design

Kung Fu Fighter [Terms 5-6]
Artist, Art Lead
Third-person multiplayer fighting game using the Torque Engine
Managed team of 3 other artists including assigning tasks and deadlines, reporting progress, and working with other team leads including level design and programming. Created 3d character which included: modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, Motion-capture. Created concept art for the Level Design team and modeled level objects and weapons. Created marketing materials including box art and manual, and T-Shirt design.

The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art
1997-2000 Narrative Art - Traditional Media, Animation and Digital Art

County College of Sussex
1996-1997 Fine Art

County College of Morris
1995-1996 Graphic Design